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White Willow Editing

Editing Services

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing, also known as structural editing, deals with the big-picture aspects of your manuscript: plot, pacing, characterisation and structure. I'll check for plot holes, jarring changes of tone or style, uneven pacing, and characters acting out of, well... character.


I'll provide a detailed editorial report, as well as comments alongside your text to flag potential issues and highlight your writing strengths. I may rewrite a few sections to demonstrate how to tighten your writing style. This service includes a video call.

£1000/$1250/€1170 (approx, for manuscripts up to 100,000 words)

Manuscript Critique

A manuscript critique is sometimes described as a mini developmental edit. I'll write a detailed report giving my impressions on plot, characters, style, and whether your novel fits current genre expectations. This service is perfect for authors who are looking for an objective overview of their manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, at a more competitive price than a full developmental edit. A video call is included.

£350/$440/€410 (up to 100,000 words)

Line Editing

In contrast to developmental editing, while line editing I'll work on your manuscript at sentence level. I'll polish clumsy or wordy sentences, correct instances of inappropriate tone or voice, and delete unnecessary repetitions. I'll also make suggestions to help your dialogue pop.

£16/$20/€19 per 1000 words (approx)


I'll check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. This service is perfect for self-publishing authors who want to ensure that their work is as error-free as possible before publication.

£8/$10/€9 per 1000 words

Short Story Critique

I'll critique your short story, offering suggestions to improve flow, clarity and style, as well as giving opinions on plot and characterisation.

£60/$75/€70 for approx 6000 words

First Three Chapter and Query Critique

I'll critique the opening three chapters of your novel and your query letter for literary agents. This service includes a video call to discuss your submissions package.


I offer a free, no-obligation 1000-word sample edit.


All prices are approximate. Pricing may vary depending on the word count and complexity of your manuscript and other factors.


If you would like to combine aspects of the different services offered above, for example structural editing alongside line editing, or if your word count is smaller or larger than mentioned above, I'm happy to provide a custom price quote.


Partial novel editing, including tips on self-editing the rest of your manuscript, is available at a reduced price. Contact me at or via the contact form on this site to discuss customised orders.



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